Defining Breakpoints - comments Defining Breakpoints 2013-03-22T09:59:21Z 2013-03-22T09:59:21Z <p>Hi ! Your remark is relevant, but I wanted to make the things straight and easier to focus on what matters instead of technical points. We could have used em here, it would have been the same (and even better), but ems on media queries are based on the default browser font-size. That creates more things to be careful of — actually, we could write an entire article on it.</p> Defining Breakpoints 2013-03-21T03:00:06Z 2013-03-21T03:00:06Z <p>Hi,<br class="autobr" /> I like your article and totally agree with the whole "define breakpoints to fit content, not devices," concept. With that in mind though, I'm wondering why not use <i>ems</i> rather than pixels to define your breakpoints ? If you are basing your breakpoint decisions on the number of characters per line, then <i>ems</i> seem like the perfect solution.</p>